People are looking for someone like YOU who can speak to their audience. 
Who can train their team. 
Who can change the lives of those connected to them. 

Here's the problem.  They're probably in another state, time zone, or maybe even country!  Will your business card make it to them in a matter of hours? Probably NOT. 

If someone wants to know what type of speaker, coach, entrepreneur or person you are in 2019 and possibly book/hire you they visit your social media page and watch your LIVE! It tells them all they need to know.  My question to you is are you approaching broadcasting RIGHT or all wrong? 

Don't miss my FREE (you'd better catch it 'cause I don't do FREE) webinar Wednesday, July 10th at 9pm EST. I'm going to share the top three things I see people do WRONG as it relates to live broadcasting and why you shouldn't be caught dead doing them (no matter what you see other people doing).   The info you get is going to change how you approach social media and live broadcasting for good.

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